If I say "John is a migrant" or "John is an expat" how would  you picture John in your head? How would  he look like? How  would you choose  between ‘migrant’ and  ‘expat’ considering that the two terms have almost identical meanings in  the Cambridge Dictionary.

Immigrant: a person who has come to a different country in order to live there permanently.
Expat: someone who does not live in their own country.

Exhibition about Immorefugee

Mass migration has led to the creation of new residential areas.
Although in Europe we still don’t realize it because the cases are limited, it does not mean that this is not happening elsewhere in the world.  In Europe, Calais was the most striking example of the refusal of cohabitation in favour of detention. Real cities have been shaped by decades of mass migration and the most clear examples of this phenomenon is to be  seen in Africa, especially in Kenya, Chad and the Western Sahara.

Useful guide to the properties in the refugee camp of Calais. The residential area of the “New Jungle” is a large residential area of 500,000m2 in the outskirts of Calais, France. Surrounded by a 5 meters-high metallic fence and equipped with running water and lights, the “New Jungle” offers different housing typologies, both old and newly built.

Beyond The Fortress is a short documentary series about people living in Lampedusa and how they deal with the refugee crisis. A collection of stories about people and migration.