artKitchen Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
04/04/2019 - 08/05/2019

ArtKitchen Gallery is going to host the first solo exhibition of Marco Tiberio and Defrost Studio.
Drawing from Marco’s ironic production, and first two publications (Immorefugee and Enlarge Magazine) we will investigate a hidden link between art and religion. Are artists way too religious about their art and creativity?
A little bit like you don’t have to mess with someone’s religious belief, artists seem to have a hard time criticising themselves. Of course, no one is excluded.
Thus, is this behaviour causing more and more artists and creatives to close their minds towards point of views and practices different from their own way of working, thus standardising artistic production?
And ultimately, is our society bombarded by always the same kind of images and visual stimuli turning us into sterile and careless human being?