Are you tired of reading about why Greek statues had small penises and discover that apparently intelligence and big dicks didn’t go hand in hand? Are you tired of watching porn dreaming to have a horse-sized penis? I mean, would you even watch porn movies if the dicks featured in them weren’t that big? Then “Enlarge Magazine” is what you need. More or less let’s say. With this publication we want to tell you more about the great world of penis enlargement, and what does it take to become a better male. And does all of this have to do with masculinity? Well, maybe yes. In this first issue we will focus on the best water penis pump on the market. Why the best you might ask? Well, simply it doesn’t only help you to grow the size of your best friend - does it? - but it’s so much more. Its versatility allows it to be used in so many different ways in your daily life. Just keep reading to discover a few of those. On top of that, we will be talking about food and we will have our experts replying to your questions. 
It all seems kind of fun right? Of course it is, and for the most part is also real. But well, that doesn’t mean you can enlarge your penis and that we can’t be ironic. There is a whole industry devoted to penis enlargement, and it’s definitely not a small one. So many forums with so-called experts. From the most useless tools (maybe all of them?) to surgery, everything seems to be very expensive and the results, of course, are never guaranteed. How can they be? It’s a whole industry working on the insecurities of men. However, while women tried to tackle this with a wave of feminist porn, body positivism, etc. men don’t seem very concerned about that. They probably still love to see huge penises in action, while secretly dreaming of having one. Maybe it’s time for a change in mentality? Anyway, for now, stop dreaming, forget about porn and start concentrating on how to enlarge your penis and be a better male, thanks to “Enlarge Magazine”. Of course, ironically.

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